giovedì 31 marzo 2011

Dans ma pochette

He salut!All right dears, this are the things that i ALWAYS have in my trusse:

1.Mascara,i'm blonde so i REALLY need this, plus i have big skyblue eyes so this adds drama!

2.lip gloss! to montsurize my lips!

3.A mirror

4.A fondation (i'm using a Lancome one 'cause it is not too heavy on my skin )

5.A brush it helps me hanging out with my crazy blond hair!

6.Sunglasses! having light eyes could be a real problem

8 my Ipod!!!! it's a touch and it haves a pink cover on it!

mmmm....if some more ideas comes out i'll let you know!
PS:and here is my purse!

mercoledì 30 marzo 2011

follow me!!!

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lunedì 14 marzo 2011

Unconventional chic!

this is the new s/s collection for Lacoste the "UNconventional Chic" I founded it sooo cool don't you think so?!

domenica 13 marzo 2011

waiting for 2011 summer!

i can't wait for this summer! i'm so exited, i'm going to America (NY) oh yeah!!it sounds great and i'm already triyng some new outfits.

mercoledì 9 marzo 2011


Today I've bought a new CD even if my dad already owns all his compilations you know, my family loves the beatles, here are some photos af him (jonh Lennon) and his wife.
when he was a little boy who didn't know his future

this picture is one of my favourites i found it so stilish


it rocks!!!

here there is  the picture that google made for the anniversary for his death

10 years!!

Wow, i can't belive it! i can remember the first thime that i saw a marc by marc jacob advertisement in a mag! i was almost eleven and i suddenly love it (i know a really strange thing for a little girl ) so now it makes 10 years that it exist and everyone kows it!
here is the famus bag with the logo
this are some clothes of the new collection
and here is the actual advertisement
Unfortunatly here in Italy NARS hasn't arrived jet, but, when i went to London, i saw it and i founded it amazing!
Just have a quick look at this picks you maybe find something interesting, you can found all this products at :
This is the fondation, NARS deauville sheer glow fondation, it give a luminous finish to the skin without looking heavy.

This is the sunscreem, which i think everyone should use (not this one of course, i'm just talking in general!)
NARS PRO-PRIME multi protect primer

That is a wonderful cosmetic (i really need it!) that gives wonderful results!
NARS Copacabana Illuminator, you should apply it on your cheeks and around the eyes.

now, i never used this eye pencil but some friends of mine said that gives drama, it's really soft, it's a gray shade and it doesn't make the eye too dark to try it all over the eye to make a perfect smoky eye or as you like it!
NARS London Eyeliner Pencil.

And to complete your smoky eye why don't you try this eye shadow?
NARS  duo eyeshadow compact (here violet shade really soft, light and fresh)

And lats but not least....NARS Larger Than Life Volumizing mascara

Chanel picks

Here in Italy it's just came out a new beauty cosmetic from the maison Chanel, the product is Rouge COCO Shine and i just love it!!

Here We Go Again

Well, here we go again, my last blog (i don't know why) didn't work at all so i hope that maybe that one will be more succesful. Nothing has changed by there, always studying, always having tests, same noise! Well maybe something has changed, now i practice roller blading i just find it so funny and elegant!
Hope this blog will have some follower soon it's very sad to be lonley...