mercoledì 12 marzo 2014

Paris (quick look)

Me voilà here I am with a very quick look of my outfits and a look I am going to wear very soon.

domenica 2 marzo 2014

My beauty routine part 1

Hi everybody! Sunday morning, (finally) and I found the time to make this little post on my skincare routine.
First of all I clean my face with the Bioderma micelle solution for sensitive skin, if I have some eye makeup to remove I'll use the Waterproof eye makeup remover RESPECTISSIME by La Roche Posay who is absoultely a wonderful product because it perfectly removes the dirt with out removing your eyelashes and it's very gently on your eyes. I wouldn't suggest using it on the rest of your face because it's a bifasic formula, so it contains some oils (shake it before use), a similar product that is a bit cheaper is the L'Oreal one.
After cleaning my face I use my tonic, it's a smoothing formula for sensitive skin (again) form the Roche Posay but there are plenty of formulas (exfoliating ecc) that will suit your skin. I recommand always using a tonic, because it closes the pores, it cleans the skin and it makes you feel so awake.
Next step: moisturizing! I use the Jaluronius serum by the Cosmetici Magistrali, it's a product that my dermatologist gave me because it's very hydrating but it doesn't cause brakeouts. Using acne products sometimes your skin can get dry, especially if you don't have an oily skin as me, that's why moisturizing is so important, it prevents wrinkles and balances your skin. After the serum I both use the Bioderma soothing cream "Sensibio Light" and the EFFACLAR K form La Roche-Posay that is a renovating care anti-relapse. I use these two products on differnt parts of my face focusing on where I need what.
The last product I will mention is the Nicotinamide gel, that I apply only on the brakeouts areas.
Hope this was helpful.
PS: that is me!