giovedì 13 novembre 2014

Rome sweet home (1)

I am more and more in love with my city and I will really be sad when leaving it next year to go to University in Paris. I've made a little list of things I like to do/visit in Rome and I will probably be posting some addresses and other little things that I hope you will appreciate. It will be a sort of guide about my lovely city.

Places to visit

26 Piazza del Fico

This amazing little cafè/ restaurant is situated just near the Chiostro del Bramante in a little square with a fig (fico) tree. The atmosphere is very cool and it has a nice vintage vibe that I really like.
I usually come here with my friends for happy hour and take a glass of white wine or a Bellini ( which is an amazing drink made with prosecco and peach juice + 2 amarenas) and a few steps from the cafè there is the restaurant which offers a wide range of dishes.
Ps: you can also play chess here!

this is me at the bar tel fico!!

Fall (in love)

To quote a well known song (summer) we fall in love as the leaves turned brown. So that's just what happened to me, I didn't have any time to write on the blog, because I am preparing for some exams in order to enter the Ecole du Louvre, but I promise I will, maybe a little less often but I am sure I really want to continue this amazing experience.

Things I love about Fall:

1. Rome's skylines in the early morning and in the late afternoons
2. pretty umbrellas
3. seasonal cakes
4. red leaves
5. pumpkins
6. hot chocolate
7. a nice old cup of tea
8. happy socks
9. falling in love
10. waiting for winter